Thursday, June 1, 2017

Body image

 I almost didn't want to post these photos because my thighs looks wide. Silly I know but then someone left me a comment saying "what hips? that's the problem with ladies who are SMALL saying they have a figure flaw cause younger ladies are watching this who do have real curves and they see themselves as huge next to a person your size." Why can't "small" people struggle with body image issues? Just because I have skinny arms and a small waist doesn't mean I can't look at myself and see things I don't like. Are only "huge" girls allowed to have flaws? Whose to say a big girl can't be more confident than me? Also why am I now a role model for "younger audience" to look up to? I didn't sign up for that. Im not someone who is a role model figure. Im just a 25 year old girl who talks to a camera, Im no Malala Yousafzai or Taylor swift. I never claim to have my shit together. Everyone has flaws so should I just ignore them because YOU don't think they're that bad? I still see them. I still struggle with them. You may think I'm small, and I am. But small people have body image issues too. Its not a size thing, its a human thing.

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