Wednesday, May 10, 2017

How to have a successful beach day

 Read a book about aliens

 Avoid a pedicure by scraping off the dead skin on your feet with razor sharp seashells

 Laugh because the most action you're getting is seaweed washing up and smacking you in the butt

Get a permanent wedgie from your swim bottoms because they insist on riding up

Soak up some sunshine while forgetting to reapply sunscreen

 Go for a walk and take photos of flowers, because you don't have 300 photos of flowers on your phone already...

 Take a photo in front of flowers because you haven't done that before...

Put on headphones so you don't have to hear the children to your right screaming in french

 Reminisce on all the times you've peed in that water

 Thats all it takes for a successful beach day! 

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