Monday, June 26, 2017

$2 Dress

Ive been pretty absent on my blog. I just haven't had the time to get ready. I work in a uniform and by the time I get home from work the last thing I want to do is get all dolled up and take photos. Then on my days off Im busy driving back and forth to my moms to do laundry, going to the post office, to the bank, grocery shopping or just flat out boring stuff. So theres no point in looking cute to do all that. The only time I "get ready" is when I work my retail 2nd job because theres no dress code there. It's nice to be able to wear whatever you want to work. Im going to try and make an effort to take more photos. I love expressing myself through style. I love clothes and outfits so I really do want to share more outfit posts. Im going to colorado in 2 weeks so i will definitely try and make my friend take outfit photos for me. Sorry, thats the price you pay for being my friend!  

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