Thursday, March 29, 2018

Dots and chops

 I got a haircut and a new dress so I figured it was a good time to take some blog photos! This dress was $10 from forever 21 and I just paired them with my standard old chucks.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Sale section

If for some reason I do find myself shopping somewhere other than a thrift store I always gravitate to the sales. I don't pay retail. I just don't. I've been putting off getting new converse because I can't find them anywhere under $50 and I'm not paying that price. I know I can find them cheaper. Its a good thing I'm an extremely patient person. I have no problem waiting for something when I know ill get it cheaper somewhere else. Retail pricing are just ridiculous. Stores charge way too much and I'm not here for it. I feel like this post is proof you can find cute things in the sale section. Its not alway junk no one wants. 

Led Zeppelin tee- Target sale $7
 Sonny and Cher tee- Target sale $7

Utensil holder- Nordstrom rack $5

Funky socks- Target $1

Sleep mask - Target $2

Notebook set of 3- Forever21 on sale $1

Glasses case- Nordstrom Rack $5

Tote bag- $1

To the moon and back - H&M $10

Pineapple cardigan - Thrift store $2
Lemon dress- Forever21 $15

Banana shirt - Old Navy $15

Mustard velvet tank- Old Navy $2

Waiting for friday- Zara $10

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


I decided to clear out some clutter in my bedroom and simplify it. My room wasn't cluttered in the first place because its so small there isn't anywhere to put any clutter. (Plus I'm a virgo and crazy about organizing and keeping everything tidy, not the point) The walls however had too much going on. I had a gallery wall next to my bed and decided to remove it because it was too busy. It made my room feel small, which it is...but I don't want it to feel small. So instead I hung up my van gogh there and switched everything around. Even though there isn't necessarily anything new added it just feels like a new room. Which I am happy about. It also feels open and brighter.  Sometimes its good to change things up.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

What I got for Christmas

This year for christmas I worked christmas eve and christmas day, both shifts 1-930. So pretty much all day spent at work. I didn't ask for anything this year. Mostly because I'm 26 and don't really need presents but also because I just kinda forgot. Christmas wasn't on my mind, I even forgot to get everyone presents until i realized it was the 21st and I probably should do that before the shelves really are empty. I luckily was able to do everyones presents in one day. I only shopped for my mom, stepdad, sister, and boyfriend but still at least I was able to get them something. I spent christmas morning at my moms. I got there around 8 am and hung around until I had to leave for work around 12. I was surprised when my mom kept bringing me out more and more presents, because I hadn't asked for anything. Anyways she did good this year. I appreciate the very "katie" presents that were received. Im sure I forgot a bunch, I know i did actually like socks, pajamas, dry shampoo, and jeans. Which are all very nice but these were the main ones. So heres what I got!

A coach wristlet from my mom
 Instax supplies from my cousin
 A candle from my aunt
 Makeup brushes from my mom (they are so soft)
 A Smashbox makeup palette from my mom
 topshop shoes from my cousin
 Sephoras favorite nude lips from my mom
 A minnie mouse makeup bag full of samples from my Grandma
 A nirvana vinyl from my boyfriend
 A disney collage from my aunt and grandma
Eminence skincare from my sister
An alexa from my stepdad