Sunday, July 2, 2017


I haven't worn overalls in months. I don't know why, they're a staple in my wardrobe. I own about 6 pairs. I pushed them to the side and let them gather dust for a while. Im glad they're back though I feel like myself when Im in them. I feel like they're my security blanket in a way. I just feel so incredibly comfortable and confident in them. On another note my hair is not helping with the confidence.  It just progressively got poofier as I stood in the humidity. I didn't have any product in and I didn't style it because I was planning on getting a hair cut but I chickened out. Even though I NEED a cut I'm going to stick it out til its at a longer length.

 Overalls- thrifted
Stripe shirt- urban outfitters
Sandals- saltwater sandals
Purse- coach

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