Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bastille // The 1975

 So today, well technically yesterday because its 12:15 in the morning I went to the 97x backyard bbq. It was amazing. The weather was beautiful not a cloud in the sky and not humid at all. The venue was right along the water in St. Pete. The two main big bands playing were Bastille and the 1975. And honestly they both put on such great shows. Bastille played more because they were the headliners they basically played their whole album! Dan smith is just as good live as he is on his album. I made my sister come up to the front with me when they where playing so I could see him up close. (He's so cute). He actually came into the crowd and walked around which was really awesome unfortunately he didn't come close to me... But before the show i saw kyle the keyboarder walk past me. I wanted to go up to get a picture but i was by myself and didn't, i should have though! For bastille we had about 10 people in front of us but we were right in the center almost to the stage. It was a sweaty, smelly, hot, sardine packed crowd but so worth it! We stayed to the back and off to the side when the 1975 played but i still had a good view of them. Matt Healy the lead singer was drinking champagne and smoking a cigarette while playing. I think knowing the words to all of bastille and the 1975s songs made the show so much more fun. Ive never really listened to albums from start to finish but i can listen to them all day without skipping a song. They are so talented and really good performers. I'm sorry I've had 4 beers tonight I'm not going to lie this is a lengthy post hope thats ok. 

My sister and her friend

The 1975

 Complete strangers said "take our picture" hahah i love people sometimes


Photo from Bastilledan twitter

Also I'm only in one of the photos, i was the camera man. Sorry!


  1. I am in love with the 1975 and Bastille! Sort of jealous right now, but super excited you got to go! Honestly they are both so amazing, so I'm sure the festival was fantastic!
    -Shelby Lee

    1. It was so good if you ever get the chance to see either of them do it! Especially bastille they killed it.