Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Who you gonna call?

These were one of my favorite things on the playground. I just love hanging upside down on them. My favorite thing on the playground was actually those spinning things. They took them out of all the playgrounds around where i live over the past 10 years because they are dangerous. When i was like 6 i knocked one of my teeth out when i flew off of one. Luckily it was a baby tooth but still it was intense. Ive actually had baby teeth knocked out more than once. Another time was when I was riding a bike and knocked the two front teeth out when i ate it. Then another time my step dad (before he was my step dad) hit me in the face with a baseball and knocked a tooth out. We were playing baseball he didn't do it on purpose i just suck at sports. I actually have bad dreams of loosing my teeth all the time maybe it really messed me up subconsciously. Anways I am glad these contraptions still exist. But who knows for how long with the way parents are so paranoid these days.

Shirt- Ross
Shorts- Thrifted
Shoes- Converse

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