Friday, January 17, 2014

Home Haul: Goodwill and Target

I have been on the hunt for a globe honestly probably 2 years now and they are always like 20+ dollars. Well today I found one at goodwill for $4 and its in perfect condition.
 I actually had this same exact toaster when I was 8 but my mom threw it away because she thought it was tacky. Well I bought it again because I loved it so much and it was only $13 at Target.
 Who knew paperchase was at target? Not me there was only one little section but I bought this paper storage thing? it was $4.99 and so adorable.
 I also got this tin to match it was $2.99
In the dollar section there were these heart shaped string lights for $3 so I bought two packs.
 I did get one thing at ULTA this "travel essentials" brushes. It was $17.99 but I had a $3.50 off coupon so it came to be $15.50 and for 3 makeup brushes is an awesome deal.
 At goodwill I also found this cute little bunny that you hang over a door and it holds stuff with its feet. I thought it would be cute in the bathroom to hold my robe. It was only $1.16
 At goodwill I also got theses plates. I bought the small version of these about a year ago at target and its crazy I found the larger version at a thrift store. I bought 4 and they were $1.16 a piece.
 These reminded me of cupcake tins. They are planters i guess, Im actually really not sure. I thought they would be cute in the bathroom to hold q-tips, cotton balls, and maybe some fake flowers in the middle. They were $2.26 each at goodwill.
 At target I bought another pajama set. They are just a really snuggly fleece pajama. They were in clearance for $9.98.

 And last a sweater also from Target it was the only one left and it was a large but thats ok because I like my clothes baggy. It was $5.98.

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