Thursday, April 11, 2013


So over the past year I have been browsing the sale sections of target, homegoods, dillards and other stores just coming across cute home nick nacks. I usually buy things that are less than $5 because I dont have a place of my own so I just get little things but these little things have really added up to a big pile (considering I have no place to put them besides a spare bedroom). I dont really have a theme I just buy things I like for a reasonable price, most of it is actually just little kitchen things like cups and bowls but here it is! Enjoy.
 This little black picture frame I got for less than a $1 in the sale section at Micheals.

 I got this in the $1 section at target a year ago. I thought it would be cute to hang in a kitchen.
 This strawberry dish towel was $1 at homegoods.
 These picture frames were $1.78 each from target.
 I got four of these plates each 54 cents at target.
 I got two packs of two coasters for $2 each. They are actually a marble type of material and not paper.
 I got four of these geometric cups for 88 cents each and this russian doll timer for $4.48.
 I got four of these little circle plates for 44 cents each from target.
 I got this plate that actually hangs on the wall from salvation army for $3.
 I got two of these roadside diner plates I think for $2 each and this large arrow plate for $1.50.
 This plate was from dillards for $3 I thought it was too cute to leave.
 This shower curtain doesnt have shoes on it (tacky) it is just an all over floral print for $6.
I got two of these flower bowls from dillards for $3 each.

 This green and yellow rug from target was $4.88.

 These were in the $1 section at target.
 And these were also in the $1 section at target....I actually have like 12 coasters now...whoops.
 This little oven mitt from Micheals was $3. Who knew micheals sold kitchen things? Not me.
 I got this when I was in New orleans I dont remember how much but im sure it was around $5.
 I have four of these cups from goodwill for $1 each.
 These were from Ikea $1 each.
 This is one of the giant mugs its from goodwill for $2.
 These mugs were $1 each from salvation army.
 This bowl is from dillards for $4. Its really deep so I think I might use it for my makeup brushes.
 These cups were $1 each and I actually have another dolphin and whale that I am currently using. These were from the salvation army as well.
 This is a little plant pot from Ikea I dont remember how much it was.
 These were 2/$1 at the salvation army.
This little kitchen towel was from Ikea I dont remember how much either....whoops.

side note: please excuse the ugly walls, this was in my sisters old room and my step dad touched up the holes from where she had things hung but the walls were never repainted which is kind of tacky but no one EVER goes back there besides my grandparents when they sleep over.

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