Saturday, January 4, 2014

Chicago Dog

This place made me really really hope Chicago is where I end up if I get the flight attendant job. I went to Chicago when I was 11. It was fun but when you're 11 you don't really know whats going on. I was not into fashion or city life. I could care less about shopping and restaurants. So i personally do not have a proper view point on this city. But my mom however went a year ago and said it was better than new york. I have been to new york within the last 2 years and fell in love. She also went to new york with me and said Chicago is cleaner and would rather me live in chicago than new york. On the plus side there is a train that goes right from the airport to the city. Also I have family 20 minutes outside the city so god for bid anything happens my mom is comforted by the thought that if I do end up in a hospital for some reason that at least ill have family with me. I guess I'm biased because there is family there and all of my step dads family was born and raised in Chicago so to me it has more of a homey feeling to it. Honestly I will still constantly visit new york because I love it but living in new york is another story. 

 Plus I love hotdogs. Never order ketchup on a hotdog in Chicago they will laugh at you.

Sweater- Ross
Under shirt with collar- Forever 21
Purse- Rebecca Minkoff

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