Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mary Janes

So Sunday night I found these in navy on sale for $30. I was like hmmm should I? Thought it over and the next morning went to purchase them and they were sold out! I was so disappointed because I got excited thinking about them but I was too late. So I searched all over the internet for T bar style mary janes and had such a hard time finding any in the same price range. Finally on a website called "bonanza" I found these gems. The exact shoe I was looking for in my size and they are Dr martens! Slightly used in good condition but thats ok I shop at thrift stores all the time. The biggest seller for me was the price. $25 dollars! They are just so cute "doll" type of shoes. They are a little girls shoe but size 4 UK which makes it a size 6 in US which is the size of my little feet. 

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