Thursday, February 14, 2013


So today is a yucky day. For the past 3 weeks its been sunny and 80 degrees then all of a sudden last night a storm came through so now its rainy and 65 degrees, burrr. So being that my boyfriend and I are both basically broke we decided to do stuff that was inexpensive. First we went and walked around barnes and noble and he got me a white labbit with a mustache for valentines, so cute! It was the only thing I asked for. Then we walked around the mall and got crepes for dinner. Last we went and walked around the library and I decided to pull out my camera and snap some not so flattering photos. The rain is a guarantee for a bad hair day so I have learned over the years to not even bother doing anything with it. Even though its valentines day I didnt feel like wearing the traditional red so instead I wore this "love" sweater, which came in handy since it is chilly out.

Two people I love. Elvis and Eloise.

                                                                             Sweater- Target- $8
                                                                             Pants- Old Navy- $4
                                                                            Umbrella- Target- $5

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