Saturday, February 16, 2013


I have been getting bored with doing the same thing every weekend so today I decided I wanted to go and walk around IKEA but first we stopped in Ybor city for a little bit. I never go to ybor because it is a drive away from where I live but when I do I always have a good time. There are resturants, bars, shopping, concerts, and clubs. I love ybor in the daytime, however at night it turns into a whole different city. Its known for stabbings, theft, cars being broken into, and just being overall dangerous. In the day though it is really not bad at all (depending on where you go). I would recommend going to ybor if you ever stay a day or two in tampa, it is pretty popular and "historic" I would just be cautious of when and where you go.





 My mom literally laughed at me as I walked out the door today because of what I was wearing...
Sweater- Gap- $15
Pants- Lands End Sears- $12
Shoes- EPCOT china- $12
Coat- forever 21- $19
Purse- Thrifted- $4

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  1. Ybor City!!! Back in 2004, I flew from NJ to visit my friend Sharon - she lived in Seminole, so I believe at that time I flew into Orlando ... her husband was driving us to their house - I happened to look out the window at the right time - and - "Ybor City! Sharon, I read all about in Southern Living! Can we go there?" Almost everything I had read about it in the magazine appealed to me (as do your pictures, Katie Lynn - how fortunate you are to live near there!). Sharon's response? "I don't care what S L says, it's too dangerous! but you're so cute!" ;;)