Thursday, February 28, 2013


As we were walking out of the magic kingdom I said I didn't want to go home, we planned to leave at 2 to beat traffic but instead we went to EPCOT because my mom didn't want to go home either. We had so much fun. We only went on 3 rides, test track, the ball, and the land. It was fun and we waited less than 10 mintues for each of them!The countries are my favorite and they had everything set up for the flower festival that starts in a couple of days to kick off spring so we got to see everything early. My favorite are the topiaries shaped like disney characters. Today was a pretty day but the flowers everywhere made it even more beautiful.

 These huge teacups in England are so adorable. My mom said we should stick a baby in one of them and take a pictures....ahaha.

 Stella is a good friend of mine.


 At the end of test track they have places where you can take pictures and the pictures get sent to your email. They allow 3 pictures each has a timer that goes off after 10 seconds, we didn't do well with this timer. We had just drank a couple of stella's in england so we were jumping around while cracking up and kind of making a funny scene. When we first walked in the people were just standing around when their picture was taken and after we went crazy everyone was jumping up and making funny faces too. We probably took 20 photos all together. It really was a blast I didn't care if everyone was looking at us.

 Japan was the only country we really did because it is my favorite. I want to live in there.

I went to Paris when I was 19 and thought macaroons were weird looking and refused to try them. Stupid me! I had my first one today it has a lime filling and raspberries and oh man it was delicious. I could eat 5 of them but that wouldn't be a pretty sight.

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