Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happiest place on earth

Yesterday my mom told me "tomorrow I have off what do you want to do?" And I said "Go to Disney!" So we went for the day. It's nice being able to say "lets go to disney for the day" and actually have it happen. I have had disney annual passes I would say for 16 out of 21 years of my life. The perks of living 2 hours away from orlando.


 Can you believe I'm from Florida with this pale skin. I was blending in with the people from up north...sort of. It's funny because we have always said we can spot the people who aren't from florida because they are in shorts and a tank top when its 65 degrees. Unlinke me who wore a sweater and tights with my shorts and brought my scarf and knit hat in my backpack. I literally freeze in weather under 75 degrees.

 French onion soup in the beauty and the beast themed restaurant in the new fantasyland. My mom and I showed up at 11 am and there was a 45 minute line to get in but the workers had a new fastpass sort of ticket for the restaurant at 12:30 so while we waited we went on big thunder railroad then came back and only waited 20 mintues. When we arrived around 12 seriously there was a line out and around the corner of this place that was a 2 hour wait....CRAZY! Thank goodness we got those tickets so we didn't have to stand there, but we never would thats just unnecessary since we could always go back another day.


You would think my mom would make me take pictures with the rabbit from alice in wonderland but I made her wait haha it was funny because she (you can always tell if its a boy or girl in the costumes because of the height) was posing and pointed to her cheek and I gave her a kiss but my mom is slow with taking pictures and didn't capture it. Once again another day...

Get it together minnie....
              Sweater- thrifted- $3
                Romper- Vintage- $14
                     Backpack-Urban Outfitters- $20
                           Mickey Mouse keds- Disney Outlet- $10

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  1. Looks like fun! You're lucky to live somewhat close to it.