Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Interior inspiration

I have been on a house wears kick. I have been pretty consumed in buying only home pieces. I completely switched from always shopping for clothes to always shopping for my house. I don't really have a "style" I just know I like everything to be bright and white and open feeling. I don't like dark closed in spaces that feel cluttered and small. I want everything to be simple and clean. I have been getting rid of a lot of clutter in my house. I literally have 5 boxes in my garage full of house stuff I need to donate. Im trying to get more natural and earthy pieces but I also really like the mix of mid century style furniture. I like mint green and pinks and browns. Im trying to stay away from crazy colors and just have everything more neutral. Its easy to buy little bric a brac at thrift stores but I really need new furniture. I need a new couch, a new dresser, a new shelving/desk for my etsy room, bar stools, a TV stand, and I would like a new chair for the living room. All of those are not cheap. My next main purchase is a new dresser. I got mine when i was 8 and it's made of fake wood. It looks like an 8 year olds dresser with its flower accents. Since i was 14 I asked for a new dresser every year for christmas. Did i recieve one? Nope. Im still stuck with this ugly thing. It really is ugly, I'm not being dramatic. Ok maybe I'm being a little dramatic but its pretty busted. A lot of my furniture is ugly to be honest. Because it was either free or I've had it a really long time and have yet to replace it. I need to save up so I can have nice pretty furniture and not janky, broken, questionable furniture. That would require money, which i don't have. So for now I'm just sitting on pinterest envious of everyone with cute houses decorated with cute furniture. Ill get there one day. Maybe after I sell my kidney to the black market ill be able to afford it.

Home images- Pinterest
Furniture/Decor- Amazon

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