Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The downside to turning 26

Turning 26 means I lose my heath care. So please don't stab me after September 20th because ill probably die. Before then is completely fine though. Kidding! Please don't stab me at any point in time. Loosing my health insurance means I won't be able to afford new glasses. Also dentist, birth control, doctors visits, god for bid I get pregnant ill be screwed... but lets not get into that. It will only make me depressed. Anyways, So I've been scouring this earth for the past 3 months looking for new glasses and I've come across 0 glasses I like. Ive been to all the lenscrafers, eye doctors, costco, target, walmart. Literally anywhere that sells glasses I've looked and nothing. They are all boring and too small. So the last place I've turned to is etsy. Ive been looking at old 1980s glasses. Because who didn't do BIG glasses better than the 80s? So these are the final contenders. They are all under $100. They are exactly what I had in mind. Big, funky glasses. I've had the same glasses for  7 years. I got them in red, then later i bought the same exact frames just in black. So I am ready for a change. What do you think? Some are funkier than others but I really can't decide. Thats another thing about me I'm the WORST at making decisions. Ive learned to be a "go with the flow" kinda person because I literally can't make a decision for myself. I just let other people make decisions for me hah thats bad right? Owell.

The original red/torotise shell frames
Then the same exact ones in black
Also how cute is penny? I wish my mom would give her to me but she won't.

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