Friday, April 28, 2017

Going to Disney...alone?

I go to disney alone. I do most things alone, actually. I am a very independent person. I enjoy my own company. Not in a conceded way. Just in a "I'm comfortable with myself, by myself" kind of way. Ive always been like that. Thinking back on my childhood I would always go off on my own. Not in a child runaway sense but in a "I'm gonna be over here, alone" sense. I would hide in the racks at stores but I would climb up the poles so when my mom bent down looking under the racks she wouldn't see feet. She could never find me. It was great as a child, terrifying however for my mother. There was one time I ran and jumped on the blue line at wdw so I would get my own booth. Well the car I was in detached from the car my mom and sister were in and i rode away alone, crying. hahah To be fair that was when I was 4?  Since then I've become a pro at being alone. I feel like its a good skill to learn in your 20s. Before you're bound to someone legally for the rest of your life (marriage). You should never depend on someone else for your own happiness. You should be the one bringing that to the table. Then when someone else comes into your life, its a bonus. Like "Hey I'm already happy, but its really cool you're here to add to this mutual happiness". Notice how I said "mutual". In addition to creating your own happiness you shouldn't have to make someone else happy. If you are a happy person you'll know how draining it is to be with someone who isn't happy. You shouldn't have to sacrifice your own happiness to try and make someone else happy. If they are not happy with themselves, no one else will ever make them happy. GETTING OFF TOPIC. Yes Disney alone is really fun. You choose all the rides you want to go on, all the food you want to eat, stop and take ages to get a good photo. I walked back and forth between adventure land and tomorrow land because I couldn't decide on a ride. They are on the other side of the park! If i was with my mom she wouldn't have put up with that. No shade to the mom, I love going to disney with her. She just gets tired of walking. But when you're alone you can do annoying stuff like that. When you're alone you can do whatever you want. Its the best part about being an adult. Doing whatever you want, whenever you want. The freedom and independence of adulthood are a beautiful thing. 

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