Thursday, January 15, 2015

Makeup talk

Ive been wearing my makeup the same for years. I don't really experiment with my makeup too much. It is always thick eyebrows, rosy cheeks, and a cat eye...sometimes a bold lip. Recently though I've added in some new products thanks to the sephora set I got for christmas. My foundation, which I wear everyday is Nars sheer matte foundation (shown here) or I will wear Rimmel stay matte foundation which in my opinion is equally as good and a third of the price. Then on my cheeks I've been wearing Nars orgasm blush. It is my new favorite makeup product, even though it has been around for ages. My eyebrows are filled in with the prestige eyebrow kit in dark brown. I've tried the Anastasia brow wiz and did not like it. Gasp! My eyebrows are pretty thick/dark and the brow wiz is so tiny that it used up a lot of product just to fill in one eyebrow. If you have thin or light eyebrows it might work for you but in my case it just wasn't what i was looking for. My eyeliner is the stila liquid liner which is a good one. It's easy to use and lasts all day. My mascara is the loreal extra volume collagen mascara which is amazing. It really lengthens my lashes and makes them look full without clumping or drying out. Then for concealer I use the maybelline anti age eraser dark spot (in the white packaging). It is the best concealer. My skin tends to leave red scars after a spot but this seriously does what it says and erases it. The price point is around $10 but there are always coupons floating around that you could use because it is so worth it. Its the only concealer I will buy from now on because nothing else from the drugstore competes with it, and believe me I've tried them all. If i do wear lipstick its always the nyx soft matte lip cream in either Copenhagen or Transylvania. 

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