Friday, January 16, 2015

Disney world....again!

I forgot how much I love going to disney world with friends! I went to disney with my friend sara today because we both have year passes. It was so much fun! We spent 90% of the day laughing and acting like big kids. I used to go to disney all the time through out high school with my friend Lindsay and it was always so much fun but i haven't been to disney with a friend since then (5+ years ago). So when i went today i remembered how much i love it. It's so different when you are with your friends. I feel like i turn into a total goofball. Whereas when i go with my family its a little more serious and planned out according to a set schedule. Today we just had the "go with the flow" attitude and did whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. If you haven't gone to a theme park before with your friends, do it! Its the best.

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