Monday, September 29, 2014

Seeing Hanson

My mom and I both had the day off today so we decided to go to the food and wine festival at EPCOT. It just happened to be the day Hanson was playing some songs and also promoting their new beer "mmmhops". Clever boys, real clever. I actually had no idea they were there to perform. We walked by the epcot ball and there were people standing around and a fancy camera out. We were like "whats going on? who are these people?" and then quickly realized it was Hanson. My first crush ever was Zac Hanson circa 1996. I thought he was the cutest boy to ever exist at the time. Well him and Jonathan Taylor Thomas. We waited around til 530 to see them play but it ended up pooring down super hard and lightning so they cancelled because apparently it wasn't "safe". LAME...At least i got to take this incredibly tacky photo with them in the background.

RIP Maelstrom. You will be missed...

Just in case you don't know who hanson is (maybe it was before your time?) here's their golden hit mmmbob. Reminisce with me...

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