Monday, September 22, 2014

Meeting Bastille

So i went to Atlanta over the weekend to go the the music midtown festival. The whole reason i went was to see bastille again on my birthday (september 20th).  I saw them front row and seriously had the best time. Since it was my birthday i went out after with my friend Justin who lives in atlanta and we were out til 4 am. The next day we had to catch our flight at 2 so i literally rolled out of bed, didn't do my hair didn't put on any makeup and threw on comfy clothes. Well it just happened to be the day i met bastille at the airport. GO FIGURE. They were SO nice though! We just happened to be sitting at their gate (how random) and at first i saw kyle (keyboards) and will (bass) and i went up to them and said "seeing you guys yesterday was my birthday present" and will said "your birthday was the 20th? mines the 22 were virgos does that mean were compatible?" and nudged me with his elbow. So we took a picture and they both told me happy birthday. Then about 5 minutes later Dan smith walked up. So i went up to him and was like "excuse can i please get a picture?" and he was like "ok" and he looked super tired. But he was still nice and took a picture with me. I said thank you and went back to my seat. Literally dying. It something i will never forget. Seriously look how cute he is....

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