Wednesday, June 4, 2014

First impressions

Ive been wearing a lot of black. I normally don't. Usually my wardrobe is full of color and prints but lately I've been gravitating towards black. It doesn't help that i wear all black and a skeleton hand clip. Maybe I'm going through a punk stage. Surprisingly the most unexpected people compliment it. Just goes to show you can't judge people based on looks. You never know what people are into by looking at someone. Thats why i get to know people before i judge them. The most unappealing people on the outside could be the coolest people you'll meet on the inside. I hate when people judge me based on how I look with out ever having a conversation with me. People think I'm timid and girly when they meet me but they don't actually get to know me. If you really get to know me I'm weird, selfless, a tomboy, and in my head funny among other things.  

Shirt- Urban outfitters
Pants- Forever21
Shoes- Ebay
Clip- Etsy

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