Saturday, February 22, 2014

You sound like you're from London

My mom and i went to EPCOT today. The park itself opens at 9 am however the countries section doesn't open until 11 am. Well we got there at 10:45 and decided to use the empty space to our aka my advantage. Its a rare siting to be at any disney park in any area and have absolutely no one in the background. It was actually really weird because the only person who was walking around was someone who was talking to themselves - you can see him in the red cap left side below-Yeah so that happened. Other than that though it was nice to be able to snap some quick shots (on my iPhone) and have a clear background. London is somewhere i have to go before i die. Tokyo is number one, London two. I don't know there just something about the british accent that makes girls -including me- swoon. Also I'm a huge lover of tea, rainy/cold weather, pubs, and cool architecture. Yep so I'm basically just wishing teleportation could be an option this day and age so I can hop on over and get a pint with my girls have mates or is that a boy term...maybe I should say chum. However chum just reminds me of the chum bucket in spongebob...Ok ill end it there.

Sweater- Ross
Shirt- Urban outfitters
Leggings- HSN
Boots- Dr marten
Backpack- Urban outfitters

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