Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Here are some items off the website etsy that I love/want. I think my taste in things is very broad and random. I like a little of everything as long as its funky and unique. Creepy, simple, cute, retro, modern, colorful, dark. I like it all.

This funky modern Clock.
I love the colors, geometry, and that there are no numbers on it.
(it kind of reminds me of someone that i used to know by gotye)
These creepy Heads.
This is a weird one i know but it kind of reminds me of something weird out of alice and wonderland.
This super cute Jar
This is just simple and cute. 
A funky Pillow.
Another geometry pattern with the triangles. I love these muted reds and blues for home decor.
A weird Planter.
Confession time. I love hands. Not peoples hands though but porcelain hands. Im always on the hunt for hands at thrift/vintage stores. I don't know where this obsession came from but yes its real.
A cute Pillow.
Another cute pillow. I also love cute woodland creatures.
A retro Fan.
I seriously have been stalking ebay for a retro fan like this.
A sweet Pillow.
This song is my mom and I's song so this might just have become mine.
A weird Box.
I really love Savannah Georgia, New Orleans, and I desperately want to go to Salem, MA.  This just reminds me of those places.

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