Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Whats on my face

This is my every day makeup. My focus is on eyeliner, brows, and cheeks. I buy everything from drug stores and keep it not only cheap but minimal. I dont like packing on a lot of product when its not necessary. If I'm going out i might add some brown eye shadow to make a slight smokey eye but who are we kidding i never go out.

 My poor eye from being allergic to cats. Its always just in that one eye and burns like a mother.

 Eyeliner- Maybelline
Mascara- Maybelline
Blush- Physicians Formula (ross)
Eyebrows- Prestige
Brushes- Real Techniques


  1. Your eyeliner looks great =)

  2. Thanks! I just followed pixiwoo's method on youtube.