Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What is cold?

Most of the united states is in a freeze today. Its the only cold day of the week. Yesterday was in the 50s today in the 40s tomorrow in the 60s then by friday back to 79. What a roller coaster. Im actually enjoying it. No humidity what so ever and a lovely breeze. Its actually not that bad because the sun is out. I just wish it would last. Luckily we got it good compared to the rest of the country. Chicago is in the negative and new york is in the teens. What do you guys consider cold? For me its 45. Today is one of those cold days but to the canadian tourists they are in tee shirts and jeans. I couldn't imagine living in canada or the top of the country like washington, Minnesota, or Maine today. I wouldn't leave the house.

Coat- Old Navy
Jeans- Vans
Shoes- Dr Martens Mary Janes