Thursday, January 23, 2014

Beach Town

Today I remembered where I live. In paradise. Sometimes I forget I live 10 minutes away from the best beach in florida and actually only visit it once a year. Most tourists who come through see the beach more than I do which is actually really sad because its beautiful. Yes there are seagulls, creepy guys, a lot of beach bums, and the always loosing challenge of not getting sand in your car but honestly I need to go more often. In high school I would go every weekend and even skip school way too often to go but since high school I only go about once a year. I dont know why, I guess I've just gotten sick of it but im coming out of that now. I miss it. I miss the waves, sand dollars, sunshine and cute beach houses. People pay to come here and I just take it for granted. Today someone from Illinois told me I didnt know what cold was because I thought 65 degrees was cold. Its true the warm climate and sunshine is so common that It doesn't click in my head someone up north is in 6 layers of clothing freezing while I'm here in jeans a tank top and light jacket.  I guess I should get out more and enjoy the sunshine in honor of all those sad people up north shoveling snow.

Jeans- BDG
Jacket- Ross
Scarf- HSN
Shoes- Urban Exchange
Purse- Rebecca Minkoff

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