Wednesday, July 31, 2013

D.C Day 2: Monuments and Smithsonian

 The second day was our only full day in D.C and it was the day I was most looking forward to, going to the smithsonian! I have wanted to go the the smithsonian since i was probably 14 and it was the motivator for this whole trip. I went on this trip to celebrate getting my AA and graduating community college and moving on up to a university. So I wanted a trip with a lot to do with knowledge and a whole learning experience but is also really fun. We also saw some monuments this day and the cool thing about D.C is basically everything is free. All the museums and monuments cost absolutely nothing!

A really cool old church from the late 1700s.
How cool is the trimming on this building that is actually a forever21.
 I just thought this building was cool but later we found out its on the back of the $5 bill? I forget but its on the back of some form of american money.

 And of course the white house! well the back of the white house or the "west wing"

 The willard hotel where martin luther king wrote most of his i have a dream speech.
 The capitol building in the beautiful D.C weather.
 The beginning of the smithsonian adventure, the air and space museum stop 1!

 Amelia earharts plane.

 Touching a piece of the moon.
 In the national mall with the capitol behind me. Once again beautiful weather.

 The sculpture garden...

 I found a random rubber ear on the ground...?
 The outside of the american history museum, stop 2!

 Dorothys ruby red slippers!
 Kermit the frog of course!
 Archie bunkers chair.
 Old fast food containers.
 Womens rights! Girl power.

 Harry potters uniform
 With the enviromental protection building in the background.
 Mom at lunch.

 My mom is the worst photographer, she gets me either blurry, blinking, crops important things out or tilts the camera so it comes out crooked. I was getting a bit frustrated with her which explains my face here....
 Natural history museum stop 3!

 Thomas jefferson memorial.
 Lincoln memorial SO many people were there it was intense.
 He had green paint thrown on him 3 days earlier so it was still there....

 Where MLK gave his i have a dream speech and where forest gump yells "jenny!" during that hippie protest movement and she walks through the water and the crowds to get to him, we kept saying "jenny!" and no one around us got it.

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