Wednesday, July 31, 2013

D.C Day 1: Georgetown and the zoo

These first couple of pictures are in china town downtown D.C. It was about 3 blocks away from our hotel and one of the coolest chinatowns i've been to. All the signs were in english and Chinese and it was PACKED. There were always people walking around there from 8 am to 8 pm which is what I love about big cities. Also D.Cs weather is AMAZING. The tour guy said it was swamp land and super humid but compared to Florida with 98% humidity it was perfect. I felt no humidity at all and the temperature was about 80-85 degrees but since there was no humidity- to me it felt like 75 which is florida's winter. I was getting weird looks for wearing a sweater one day, it was that nice!

 A fancy pants hotel presidents used to stay at like Roosevelt and Truman.

 Then I dragged my mom to the smithsonian zoo which is free just to see a panda because i've never seen one before and it was actually a really nice big zoo considering its free - thanks tax payers!

 I took a whole bunch of pictures of the buildings in D.C because I never see buildings like this in Florida. People around me were laughing when I was said to my mom "Oh look theres chimneys!" because ive never seen them before.... my mom responded with "yep you dont see those in florida" to explain to people around us why i was freaking out over something so normal to them.

My dream house right out side of georgetown, the tour guide said these houses go for about 6 million....YIKES!

 Georgetown is literally the cutest town i've been to. The architecture is amazing and nothing like florida its all old and brick and the vines growing on the buildings just made it a joy to look at. It also had an endless amount of restaurants and shopping, oh the shopping! We went a little bit crazy in madewell- we dont have any close to where I live, and urban outfitters. Someone in the urban said they saw the jonas brothers walking around? in response I laughed to myself and she looked at me weird...she was probably 14.

 My mom being a food nerd in dean and deluca.
 Georgetown cupcakes has a line up and around the corner! I wanted one but not that bad so we didnt wait.

 My favorite thing about the georgetown homes was they were brick and they had vines growing up around and all over them which made it look so pretty. I wish i could live there.

 One thing I didnt expect going to d.c was the hills! In florida its completely flat so it was a challenge walking up and down hills all day but it was also a great workout. I was also surprised to see girls were walking around in heels, how?! I cant even do heels on a flat surface let alone hills.

Another dream house.
 The restaurant JFK proposed to Jackie O at.

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