Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bits and Bobs

These are just a few things around my room.
This mirror is my favorite thing in my room, I got it at TJ MAXX about two years ago for like $12.
    The seashells are what ive collected over the years, mickey ears (my first pair) I purchased in september for my birthday- go virgos! The skull is from urban outfitters and clock from the thrift store.
    These frames are so pretty with their vintage look and bright colors I just had to get them. The pink one is from home goods $8 and the blue one from michaels $2.
 These are all little bits and bobs from different thrift stores all over. The art work is mine on the left- fifi lapin and a friends on the right.
    The jewelry box was a christmas present, the tea pot from a thrift store and the little animals are from target.
     The puppy piggy bank is from urban I actually got it yesterday for
$5 and the box is from a thrift store.

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