Thursday, April 13, 2017

Band tees

Band tees can be such a touchy subject with people. I know of people who will quiz you on the band you're representing. Im not that extreme. I assume if you're wearing a band tee, you like that music. I don't think you necessarily have to be the #1 fan of that band. I do think its very strange when people buy shirts with bands they have never even heard of. One guy shopping at my job said "Whats slayer? is that a new brand?" yes he said brand not band. He didn't realize what he was buying was music, not a designer. If you like a shirt and have no clue who they are then whatever! Wear that shirt you have no knowledge of. Who am I to make you feel bad for not knowing the band you're wearing. Clothes are meant to make you feel good and if you feel good in a certain shirt, wear it!


Shirt- thrifted
Shorts- forever21 romper
Shoes- Converse
Socks- target

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