Monday, November 17, 2014


I love lush bath bombs, who doesn't? They turn your bath a vibrant color and leaves your skin soft and smelling delicious. I like their christmas bath bombs the best. When its cold outside whats better than taking a hot bath and drinking wine or if you're not 21 a hot chocolate? Nothing. Cinders smells so amazing. Its not really a sweet or floral scent but more of a spicy one. Its probably my favorite. At the check out the sales guy sold me on a lotion pot that goes 100% to charity so i gave in. The lotion smells incredible too but i went in specifically for cinders.


  1. I adore lush products! I especially like their fresh face masks. May have to try the cinders bath bomb after reading this too!

    Bethany Paige X

    1. Its so nice! Cinders and sex bomb are my favorites but everyones taste is different so you never know. I like to just go in the store and smell everything like a weirdo.