Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Thrift Gems

I had one of the best thrift days ever today. I kept finding gems that I couldn't pass up! I was buying everything I saw at goodwill... Well not everything i would be a hoarder if i bought everything at goodwill. A girl can dream though! I actually went to urban exchange and sold clothes first - they gave me $40 sweet! Then went onto goodwill to donate the clothes urban exchange didn't take, which was a garbage bag full.

American apparel sunflower dress $10 urban exchange

 A baby in the middle of the parking lot at goodwill

I didn't buy this because there were wires busted and all exposed in the front but how sweet is this video camera!? It reminds me of what Clark Griswald uses in european vacation straight out of the 80s. Honestly if i knew it would work or if it was in better condition i would have totally snatched this up. It also weighted like 10 pounds no exaggeration.

 Another polaroid to add to my collection $6

One of those hard suit cases from the 60s I have been looking for one of these probably a good 3 months and i found one in red how cool and only $4

J brand Jeans only $20 at urban exchange 

Some funky holographic skull sunglasses $4

Earrings with moths on them $2

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  1. You really hit the jackpot today! So jealous of your sunflower top. You'll have to post photos of you sporting it. Too cute. <3