Monday, April 21, 2014

Eat my shorts

Another outfit straight out of the 90s. This outfit consists of two things I love: overalls and Bart Simpson.  I actually have been wearing overalls the past 4 years and was made fun of for it because they weren't "cool" and now they are all over the place. Now whose laughing. Honestly though I don't like the new overalls they're selling in stores (they are short shorts and I'm not into that look). I prefer the thrifted straight out of the 90s overalls which are actually hard to come across. As for the shirt it is a crop top and since I'm showing my arms and legs I didn't feel like revealing everything so i wore a cami under the shirt to make sure the side of stomach wasn't showing so that explains the little bits of white peeking through. I don't just have a extremely white torso. 

Shirt- Forever21
Overalls- Thrifted
Shoes - Keds


  1. Your title caught my eye, and I've fallen in love with all the photos! Love the outfit. <3

  2. I finally found someone down to earth and who's not into short shorts, trends and everything like that, honestly love you and your blog !x