Friday, February 14, 2014

Roses are red

So its valentines day, for us single ladies its known as the day before chocolate is on sale at cvs.  Ive always thought valentines day was a cheesy hallmark holiday. The big teddy bears, chocolate boxes shaped as hearts, the fact that they can charge triple the amount on roses, and crowded restaurants. Ive never been a big pda fan and to see all these people kissing and being all gross on each other because its valentines day really bothers me I just want to say to people "get a room". So for me i like valentines day to be a day alone, appreciating myself because I dont need a man to tell me. 
"All the women who are independent 
throw your hands up at me"

Sweater- Goodwill
Leggings- Hsn
Shoes- JC Penny

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