Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Growing up a 90s kid

Being born in 1991 I had experienced almost all of the 90s. Growing up in the 90s was far different from today. Yes we had gameboys and nintendo 64 but honestly we weren't on them 24/7 and personally we were to poor for those kinds of things. So most of the time we were playing with our imagination. Gathering beenie babies, playing with tomagachi, playing pogs, and most importantly watching classic disney movies. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I also think the 90s kids wont let others forget they were a 90s kid. We love to reminisce on the good old days. This book is my childhood in a nutshell minus wonder balls, water snakes, and the always classic pokemon. I not only will read it but maybe keep it as a "coffee table" book for my apartment so my friends can come over and reminisce with me. I purchased it at Marshalls for $5.

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