Thursday, October 24, 2013

Its actually sweater weather!

Just as I was saying "its so hot in florida" BOOM the weather bug decided to make it winter like here! It is never chilly this time of the year so all I've heard for the past 2 days from everyone I know is "Its so cold! i love this weather" Because it is so unusual to every one living here. Its in the 70s during the day and 60s during the night the past two days and its AMAZING! If only it would stay this way. Im really hoping this is a sign that were going to actually have a cold winter this year. The best part of the cold weather in florida is that it takes away the humidity. Uh I'm just dreading the day this goes away because cold fronts only last about 3-4 days in florida... Ill enjoy it while it lasts.

Lilly in a pile of sweaters

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