Saturday, October 19, 2013

Goodwill hunting: 90s

This super 90s weird rain coat was $6 and worth every penny. Its kinda of a heavy coat compared to other raincoats I've tried on but I love it. Its shiny purple with flannel lining on the inside and the inside of the hood. That was actually what drew me in, it was kind of tucked in between other coats and i saw the hood pulled it out and saw it was purple so I had to get it!

This tank top that I think ill actually wear it like this, open maybe with a graphic tee or plain tank underneath. This is straight out of the 90s and was $4.
 A denim button down long tee shirt with black velvet trim and collar. I have been looking for a denim button down but they all seemed to plain so when I saw the velvet i knew i had to have it. It also is long enough to wear with leggings because it covers my bottom but since its a small its not too baggy and doesnt make me look like i have no shape. Its the perfect combination of length and width which is actually hard to find while thrifting.

And last but not least a polaroid camera. I have no idea if it works and do not have film for it but it was only $4 so i couldn't just leave it there. In my 4 years of thrifting i haven't seen one polaroid camera and definitely not in this good of condition.

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  1. I absolutely adore that coat! In fact, I love everything you bought wow!
    Great post, consider me your new follower.

    Bethany Paige ( X