Monday, June 10, 2013


So my mom went to Paris and brought me back some things I requested.
Bioderma, Macaroons, a french fashion magazine, and thrifted clothing. Since I have been to paris and will hopefully go to paris for 6 weeks next summer I didnt want any tacky touristy things. I wanted what the french people have/use. I told my mom to look at the girls there and see what they were wearing and just buy things like theirs. She did an AMAZING job. Everything she bought i love and think is perfect.
 Bioderma, I know you can get it online or at SEARS but its SO much more expensive then getting it in paris. My mom got two for i think $12 euros which is like $20 dollars. This was the one thing I really wanted from Paris. My mom said in certain pharmacies they were more expensive so she looked around til she found the cheapest price. Its been two weeks and I havent touched them yet because I dont want them to get used up too fast I want them to last til I go to paris again but I am excited to try them soon.
 This is SO me. I love everything about this shirt. The collar the little bow the polka dots. Its just perfection in my eyes. It fits really nice as well and is super comfortable to wear. It was only 1 euro.
            This one is my favorite, the label is German and I just love the colors and the flowers. It actually has a peplum style to it at the bottom. This was only 1 euro too.
This is just a simple tan blazer. My mom got it because the label says "Paris" on it. It was 1 euro too.

                           My mom picked up this fashion magazine and it has Lana Del Rey on the cover, she didnt even know who she was but Im so glad she got this one because I love her. I cant wait to take french at my university so I can read this eventually....

Then some delicious macaroons! I ate them within two days...

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