Monday, May 1, 2017

My colorful house

Its safe to say if something is colorful and/or weird I'm gonna buy it. Almost everything in my house was thrifted. 2 years before I moved out of my parents house I slowly bought a bunch of home things. Bowls, cups, mugs, plates, decoration, shower curtain. Literally everything I could think of I bought in preparation. My parents would say "You haven't even moved out! stop buying home crap". Whatever, it worked in my benefit because by the time I moved out I had everything I needed and my wallet thanked me for that. The furniture was basically free too so I really lucked out. I didn't have to scramble to try and fill up the house. For someone who doesn't make a lot of money Im pretty proud of this house. Its very much a reflection of my weirdness. From the big ear above my bed, the fetus soap in my bathroom, the picture of jesus holding a pizza, the multiple peewee hermans and mickey mouses, and all the flowers, and colors. It may not be the most coherent or pinteresty house, but i love it because it's unique. 

Room tours:

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